Pill ID

Every prescription, narcotic and over-the-counter must be marked or embossed a alpha-numeric code and or logo by FDA regulation. These identifying marks are collectively known among drug information professionals as imprints.

Even though the federal drug administration has mandated imprints they made no provisions for cataloging or searching catalogues for them. There have been many tablets and capsules ID databases developed since the first one was produced in 1974.

These early databases consisted of simple string searches or pictures in a book. None of these resources were complete and it took much time to find a pill. Today’s databases for pill identification are not much better in ease-of-use, definitive results or completeness.

Drug ID.info provides a brand-new concept in solid dosage form identification. The patented pill identification system is unique in its ability to give a definitive result. The database is a powerful tool for professionals and home users alike. Check out the drug ID website at http://www.drugid.info

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