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Because man was gifted with penile Ligaments instead of penile Tendons then guess what? This means that through mechanical methods the ligaments that hold the penis in place can be lengthened. When these ligaments are lengthened…

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How to Fall Asleep Naturally with Tea

How to Fall Asleep Naturally with Tea

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How to Fall Asleep Naturally with Tea

If you are having trouble falling asleep, you can do so without resorting to drugs or medication.

Learn how to do so using only all natural ingredients, and home made tea.



First, purchase Linden tea leaves, Linden tea bags, or if you can’t find that look for a tea called “Tilo” in the spanish aisles.


Once you have your tea bags, or leaves and you can’t fall asleep it’s time to put on the kettle.


Steep the tea bag or leaves into hot water. Sweeten to your taste.


If you want add some milk. This will cool down the hot water. Warm milk also aids in helping you fall asleep.


Once you’ve had your tea (hopefully you liked it) then go to bed and relax.


As you lay in bed, clear your thoughts. Focus on your breathing or any calming noise. I like to focus on controlling my breathing.


After following the above steps, you should be asleep.

Tips & Warnings

If you are not sure if you have allergies then you should see an allergist before trying this.



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